Topic: rdp sessions

hi would it be possible to add an option to list active and disconnected rdp and ica sessions and provide the option to either disconnect or logoff (force optional) any given user - this would be particular useful on rds and citrix servers.


Re: rdp sessions

Hello, thank you for the suggestion. Of course it is possible, but I think this is so specific use case. For now you can write a PS script and execute on console. One place where it actually could fit is in the System Information section. I will cover this feature in some update.


Re: rdp sessions

hi Lucansky, I think most of your users would like this feature, it's surely one of the most common tasks for an IT admin, logging off users who may have problems.

I tried getting a powershell script  going but it only listed locally (console) users.


Re: rdp sessions

Yes, you got a point.. It will be available in some next update